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The Guide to Vibe in Harmony with What You Want

Being in harmony with your goal is a key in personal development. Because goal-setting alone is not enough. What I really mean with being in harmony is that you have to be the kind of person to whom the goals you set out feel naturally. This means that you have to “vibe” with the resulting reality you want. Learn how you can give up your resistance and help yourself to really get what you want.

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Finding Balance

Is Finding Balance the Ultimate Answer to Everything?

Yesterday I watched Eckhart Tolle visiting Google Headquarters. He talked with Google’s Bradley Horowitz about the balance of “knowledge” and “wisdom”. one could say that there aren’t much more different ways of looking at the meaning of wisdom: While Google has certainly many of highly intelligent people with brilliant and high-performing minds employed, Tolle says the secret lies in turning the mind off and in not looking for an identity in it. I like to suggest that finding balance seems to be the ultimate and right way to go.

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Live Consciously

How to Live Consciously in Every Day Life

Sometimes days, weeks or even month go by without even realizing that you actually live. Your mind is so full of all the demands and needs and wants that you chase after every day, that there is no time left to stop for a moment and of consciously experiencing yourself. Does that sound familiar to you? So how can you live more consciously day-in and day-out?

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Guy Contemplating

Who am I? A Simple Question?

Have you ever in your entire life asked yourself this question ? Was your answer, Bob Smith ? I just meant your full name, your first name followed by your last name. My last name changed when I got married. My first name has a nice meaning but is widely mispronounced and misspelled since my childhood. The point I am trying to make here is, I am not what I am addressed as. My name belongs to me. It is not “me”.

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spirituality vs. success

Spirituality vs. Success ?

One nagging issue I had was the seemingly conflict between the drive to success and spiritual being. Can we merge the two together to be even better? The important difference is that such things as success become enjoyable things …

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The Meaning of the Finger Pointing to the Moon

The laughing Buddha Hotei is using his finger pointing to the moon. The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon is the essence here. But what does this mean on a deeper level? How does it relate to todays everyday life? How can we understand the meaning in an useful manner?

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Zen Monk : Calm Mind

2 Minutes for a Calm Mind

A quiet mind is the centerpiece of any relaxation technique. And a quiet mind is developed only through skill and practice. Because stress is automatic but relaxation is learned. Stress Relief Training provides the skills and practice needed to reduce stress in the mind and body …

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