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Spirituality & Sex Toys?

spiritual-sexA question was recently asked to me – the whole premise of spirituality is the process of finding happiness in self-fulfillment, so, “How does sex and sex toys fit into your vision of new age spirituality?” – reference, these types of products Erotic Sex Toys and these, Adult Toys.

Aren’t sexuality and spirituality one in the same – about seeking happiness. Surely then it follows that having orgasms, which undoubtedly make you happy, would be part of any enlightened spiritualization process.

Even Christian women seem to think sex toys are part of their religious right, although we must also consider that sex is not a shortcut to spirituality.

And, the famous Deepak Chopra has a view on masturbation“what most wisdom traditions that encourage conserving sexual energy don’t tell you is that suppression of one’s natural sexual drive is also detrimental to one’s spiritual growth.”

So, masturbation has never had a good press, but what’s wrong with saying it is a good thing? Also providing great pleasure, it has many health benefits. Clearly, abstinence is not possible for the human race – it just doesn’t work, our natural drive is what it is, and fighting it would be against all (reads: most) spiritual teachings.

After all, what about the Kama Sutra? – that’s spiritual right?!

Studies show that most women have masturbated at least once in their lifetime, but most women just do it occasionally. According to a survey on sexual practices conducted in the United States by the University of Indiana. 7.9% of women aged 25 to 29 years masturbate two to three times a week compared to 23.4% of men within the same age group who do it with the same frequency. Come on, girls! We can beat the boys!

Masturbation is a perfectly normal, it feels great and it is good for your health. The taboo of female self-pleasure is over now! It is time to realize that it has many more advantages than we think.

Dr. Lauren Streicher, an assistant professor in obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University in the United States of America was asked about the benefits of masturbation health. Streicher said that masturbation in general as a practice contributed to improving our health in every conceivable way: it helps us sleep better, reduces stress and allows women to feel more comfortable with their bodies’. Streicher reminded us that just like exercise or a full body massage, masturbation is a perfect way to relax both emotionally and physically. Rather than pay for an expensive massage, why not stay home alone for a self-massage pleasure?

So dim the lights, light some candles and get into bed (or wherever you feel most comfortable) to explore your body.

Here are 13 reasons why all women (and men) should regularly masturbate to improve their spirituality:

1. It makes you happy. “The pleasure makes us feel good,” said Streicher. It is as simple as that; Orgasms release endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which put us in a good mood and give us a natural high when they released. Who needs drugs when getting pleasure is at hand? (Pun intended)

2. It makes you feel better about your body It is essential to feeling comfortable with your body: it is one of the few things that will not abandon us in our lifetime. You can get the best results if you go through a methodical exploration. “It is essential that women be familiar with their body and know how to procure pleasure by stimulating it,” he adds. Time to go to practice!

3. Masturbation can make our sex lives’ even better. As we explore our body, we can discover what gives us more pleasure. It gives us confidence in bed and helps us to communicate our desires to our spouse. When you find out what you like best, you can tell where you want him to touch you.

4. It helps us sleep better. Why do we always fall into the arms of Morpheus after wringing pleasure? Orgasms dissipate the emotional and physical stress and deplete the body, causing us to fall asleep quickly. “We usually sleep better after we masturbate, because we feel relaxed and satisfied,” says the specialist. Masturbation, as reading, helps you sleep.

5. It relaxes sexual tension If you decided not to have sex or are in a period of involuntary abstinence, masturbation is a very efficient means to satisfy your libido.

6. Masturbation helps reduce physical pain and menstrual pain “Contracting the uterus during masturbation favors menstrual flow and, in theory, reduces menstrual cramps,” says Lauren Streicher. Although studies on this theory are still scarce, the experts know of no reason that a woman should not masturbate during menstruation. “It never hurts. So if it helps you, just go ahead and do it”. In any case, it is much more fun than an electric blanket.

7. It reduces stress “Anything that helps you relax after a hard day, whether it is a yoga session or a foot massage, it all works the same way, there is no difference,” said Streicher. “It does not have to be something sexual, but sex and masturbation are very effective ways to de-stress.” Feel glad it is there to release tension and use it to your advantage!

8. It keeps the body on point for sex even if we are not having it at the moment. “Masturbation not only keeps the elasticity and overall good condition of the reproductive organ tissues and increase blood flow to the area, but it also produces mental stimulation,” adds Streicher. “We know that sex and excitement are born in the brain. The more we make love, the more we want to have it more and more, because the more you have it, the more you think about it. When we take a time off from having sex or masturbating, most of the time we do not even think about it anymore.”

9. There are many toys that can contribute to our masturbation sessions Everything from hands-free vibrators all the way to fake lipsticks, there’s a dildo out there for each one of us!

10. as a couple, it helps to diversify pleasure and then come back wanting more As noted by the expert, the more you practice, the more you want to have it. By following this logic, the more we masturbate, the most comfortable we are with our sexuality and we want to do with our partner even more and more. “We know that masturbation stimulates the brain area that controls our libido,” says the researcher.

11. Orgasms .. Multiple… Understanding how our body works, allows us to know exactly how to pleasure ourselves. Once, twice, three times. It is all up to you! Men tend to climax once at the end of intercourse, but women can still enjoy more and more orgasms. So why deprive yourself?

12. It does not have any negative effects on your body

Masturbation has not “a single negative effect,” said Streicher. “This activity presents no problem. You do not catch anything (such a sexually transmitted diseases.) You cannot and do

not get pregnant, it does not give you nausea, and it is the only vice that has no negative impact on your life.”