In an earlier comment on goal-setting I suggested to move yourself into harmony with what you really want. Some of you asked about what I really mean with harmony here.

First off, I don’t mean harmony as in being soft and seeking harmony by avoiding conflicts. What I really mean with being in harmony with what you want is that you have to be the kind of person to whom the goals you set out feel naturally. This means that you have to “vibe” with the resulting reality you want.

This is very important to get and a key-concept in personal development, so please try to understand and internalize this. Because I know that many are getting this still wrong and don’t understand why, despite their best efforts, they aren’t able to create what they truly desire.

Not being in harmony with what you want means that there might be conflicting desires or beliefs. Beliefs about yourself, your abilities, the world around you or the thing you want itself. If you see some kind of distance between yourself and your goal, it makes it harder for you to get there. Maybe you feel not worthy enough to get it, or not able enough. You have to crack open this kind of thinking and change your beliefs, emotions and thinking to be aligned and in harmony with your goal. You have to get into the right state, develop the right mindset.

Examine and Resolve Your Resistance

You can summarize the above as that there might be inner resistance. Resistance occurs when there are conflicts in how you see yourself and your reality compared to the reality you want. In fact, there is a difference of course. But you have to believe that the reality you desire is right for you. You need to create that kind of shift in thinking and resolve the resistance to it.

  1. First you want to accept your reality as it is, you will align with truth.
  2. Then you imagine your new reality as if it would be there right now. Examine if you feel any inner resistance in your body, or mind.
    Maybe you get tighter in your body, you are not relaxed. Maybe you get reasons in your head why that won’t work. All the obstacles that could hold you back.
    Maybe you don’t sense anything, try to look deeper.
  3. The idea is to move your energy in a harmonic vibe with your envisioned reality. This will attract your result naturally by removing your own roadblocks.

Also see Steve’s post Manifesting without Resistance.

Spontaneous Right Action

The resolution of the whole discussion of Goals vs. No Goals (from my last article) is something that sounds almost magical at first sight: spontaneous right action. This is what someone who wants to be without goals is really looking for. What does that mean? It means that what you do, you do it spontaneously, without much pondering about what’s the best action to take at this moment. And this action is indeed the right action, the perfect action, there is nothing better. And the reason why this is possible is because you are in perfect harmony with what you want, and ultimately with what is. You flow with life. It’s the state that the Chinese sage Lao Tzu referred to when he said:

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

If you are not in the flow with life, and you are driven or one could also say clouded by your own goals or desires, spontaneous action will not be perfect. Because then the action is powered by the egos desire, which is not necessarily in tune with everything else. The ego can be ignorant and therefore create conflicts. So in a way, goals are like a crutch for the mind to keep it from wandering off, as long as the mind is not automatically guided by your higher consciousness.

Now before we haven’t really connected with the higher consciousness and are in that state continuously, this isn’t really possible. That’s why it may not even make sense. As long as you are not in that higher state, being without goals will make your mind to wander off to some kind of lower level activity, most probably to short-term pleasure seeking. And that is because it has no guide. And it doesn’t want one.

I personally struggle with this all the time. So not that you think I mastered everything! Of course not.

The state of spontaneous right action can be reached by raising above thought and by centering in the now, which is very powerful. Then your new intentions (goals) are reached with less struggle because you are in perfect harmony with them. Really finding the union of mind and spirit is possible, Genpo Roshi nailed it with his Zen Triangle.


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