A Practical Approach to Spirituality

spirit_lotus“I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten.” – Eckhart Tolle

For most of the readers here, the topic of spirituality may be a very fuzzy and unknown place. “What’s the use of it? What can I do with this? Why should I even bother?” I hear you asking. And the strange thing is, although this is not the best question to ask, I will try to answer it. I will try to give an entry point for everybody who is not (yet) familiar with the experience of spirituality, which is usually a total different perspective than what we have in our mind as the mental concept of spirituality.

First I like to clarify that when I want to talk about the topic of spirituality, I don’t talk about religion and I don’t talk about belief (in a God or not). Frankly speaking, that was never a real interest for me. I am talking all about experiencing spirituality and nothing else really matters. Then I think it becomes a topic for everyone.

When I first came in contact with real spiritual teachings and with the experience of it, it was a real shift for me. Coming from a mind set of an achiever, who just had wanted to live life to the max with a certain amount of understanding and success in the material world, it was a logical stepping stone for me, but it was differently to what I expected.

I was however very spiritual driven. If you would ask me what was the highest motivational power in my life, I’d say the seeking for fulfilment. You could say this is a spiritual value to drive your life towards self-realization. And in a way I ended this search now, but not in the material world. What really triggered me was getting in touch with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle and his top-selling book “The Power of Now ” which I would call easely the most important book out of hundreds I’ve read so far.

Spirituality is not about thoughts or concepts. This may come as a surprise, but to really get in touch with it, the mind is in it’s way. To understand it on a pure logical level is futile in the same way, as it is futile to understand the feeling of love, if you never felt it. All ideas, concepts, beliefs and especially thoughts can’t take us to the experience of spirituality. They merely can point to it – as well as these words here. They are like the finger pointing to the moon. The finger is not the moon, but only a pointer to it. In spirituality we are all about the moon. It is about the experience. To open up for it means to stop the mind blurring our view, making constant noice and filtering and labelling everything. By doing this, we don’t experience what just is, but our filtered interpretation of what is. And this is especially true for your own inner essence.

So the so-called “use” or “goal” of spirituality is, to be in touch with our real nature, to get conscious of it, to come fully aware of what we are on the deepest level. So what is at stake here is to really know ourselves. To become aware of our own deepest level and realize there, that we are not the self-concept we build up over the years and are afraid of diminishing it as well as interested in adding to it.

This realization is also called Awakening or Enlightenment. Enlightenment is not a super achievement, it is the most basic thing there is for humans. It is just our natural state of being, of felt oneness with all there is. And to be in this state is enlightenment.

Being means conscious being, being totally alert and aware that we are. This is very important to get clear about: it is not about mental thoughts. If you would have to compare it, than it is more feeling with the added component of knowing without thinking. It is all about our Awareness of ourself. So to really know ourselves, I can’t think of anything more important in live then this. This is the real practical primary value of spirituality.

But I promised more reason than this, and secondary values are: a much clearer view and reception of the world, much less fear and other negative emotions (in fact they can’t exist in this state anymore) and a very deep and intimate connection and harmony with life.

I think this is worth going for, and I hope you stay with me on this topic on the following articles …