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The Meaning of the Finger Pointing to the Moon

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The finger pointing to the moon
Hotei pointing with the finger to the moon

The nun Wu Jincang asked the Sixth Patriach Huineng, "I have studied the Mahaparinirvana sutra for many years, yet there are many areas i do not quite understand. Please enlighten me."

The patriach responded, "I am illiterate. Please read out the characters to me and perhaps I will be able to explain the meaning."

Said the nun, "You cannot even recognize the characters. How are you able then to understand the meaning?"

"Truth has nothing to do with words. Truth can be likened to the bright moon in the sky. Words, in this case, can be likened to a finger. The finger can point to the moon’s location. However, the finger is not the moon. To look at the moon, it is necessary to gaze beyond the finger, right?"

The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon is the essence here. But what does this mean on a deeper level? How does it relate to todays everyday life? How can we understand the meaning in an useful manner?

The laughing Buddha Hotei is pointing to the moon, who was a monk who lived during the Later Liang Dynasty (907–923 AD) of China. Contentment and happiness being his defining attributes, Hotei has a cheerful face and a big belly.

Analyzing the pointer is pointless

… said Eckhart Tolle, yet we tend to analyze the pointers without noticing it. If we are discussing about whether something is good for us or not or especially if we come to a philosophical debate, we are discussing the validity of models and concepts. We can also go out and experience something directly.

It’s the same with spirituality.

Spirituality is all about experiencing and the truth itself. So this post here is of course a finger pointing. The words are only pointing. So as long as we are pointing and discussing about the different pointers, we are not experiencing. The experience of something is the connection with something, the feeling one with something, without labeling.

What happens in philosophy and in religion again and again is the intense discussion about the pointers. How can it be that there is a discussion about one thing that is true? It is one thing right? It can only be because we represent something differently, which are different pointers. Then it is easy to discuss and disagree about them.

The map is not the territory

The map is not the territory is just another way to point to the same thing. The map is the concept of what we have in the mind about something. It’s a belief, an image or a thought-pattern. We use this map in the same way as we use a city-map to find a location. If the map is correct, we will find our location. If it is slightly incorrect, we have to correct it by new knowledge, optimize it. If it is completely incorrect or we move to another city, we have to replace the map altogether. What is happening is that we changed the map. And this is happening all the time.

Another map is the self-image or we may call it the ego. It is everything we saved about ourselves. It is the map of ourselves and we act from it. We want to improve our self-image and we use our intellectual abilities to do so: we get our desires and we set goals and work towards them. The map called the ego is a very useful map that we constantly create ourselves. But here is the important thing: it is still a map.

It’s nice to have a map, as long as you know it’s a map

Which means:

1. The map can change : which means our self-concept (the ego, who we think we are) can change and this is the basis of personal development. This changing map includes our thoughts, beliefs and actions: the whole world-view and the self-image.

2. The map is not the territory : I am not the ego, my self-image. You are not your self-image, or in other words: You and I are not who we think we are; think in the literally sense of the word: thoughts (and all other concepts) are the map, not the territory.

The important step to Spiritual Awakening is dropping the map and experiencing what is without the map.

But, (for me at least) this means not to remove the map for all time. I need the map to function in the world and to relate to everything. So I create maps and use maps in a very intense way, in the best way possible. But there is one difference: I dis-identified the map from the territory. So I know that my self-image is my self-image but not the self.

Ken Wilber called the process "Transcend and include". Or as Genpo Roshi put it: the reason we are able to transcent the ego but still use it as a human being is that we know the Being side of the Human Being as well as the Human Side: check my posting about Personal Power vs. The Power of Now for more.

This is a Zen story I found on the website Pointing To The Moon :

"When Zen Master Nan-chuan saw his student Ma-tsu diligently practicing meditation hour after hour, he sensed a certain effort and ambition in the young monk’s demeanor, so he sneaked up behind him and asked, "What are you doing?" "I’m trying to become a Buddha," Ma-tsu replied proudly. Nan-chuan then picked up a stone and began rubbing it against a spare tile from the monastery floor. Hearing the sound, Ma-tsu asked, "What are you doing?" Said Nan-chuan: "I’m trying to make a mirror." Ma-tsu had an awakening.

And it goes on:

Everything is just as it is! Ma-tsu is Ma-tsu, the tile is the tile, and you are you, just as you are. There’s no Buddha apart from this fundamental truth, and any attempt to achieve some special state of mind just leads you away from who and what you already are. In the direct approach to truth …, the direct recognition of your true nature is available in every instant, on or off the cushion, whether you meditate or not. You merely need to "take the backward step that turns your light inward to illuminate the Self," as Dogen Zenji said." – Stephan Bodian

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  • On 11.24.08 StephenNo Gravatar said:

    Absolutely fantastic post! I recently had a conversation with a person about some of the health related information on my blog. They wanted references and approached the conversation as if health was an intellectual debate. I told them I understood the wish to see references and that I would send them some. Which I did and have since not heard a word.

    I also tried to explain that the whole point of my blog was to present health information that is beyond the mainstream in the hope to spur others to take responsibility for their health. Force feeding people the sources of my information does nothing more then show them more of the same information. It does nothing for independent self-informing thought.

    Health like spirituality is not an intellectual debate. To make the transition from poor health to good health one must actually do something. Health is a state of being. That state of being is the moon. The words on my blog just a finger pointing the way. All the scientific research in the world is pointless if one is in poor health and one continues to do what one always has done. Meanwhile points of order are debated. It strikes me as craziness and a hiding place for those who are not yet ready to face themselves and their problems.

    Far too much we get caught up in examining the finger. As a result we don’t experience the light of the moon. As I say – fantastic post! :)

    Stephen´s last blog post: How to Look Good and Feel Great in Just 10 Minutes a Day

  • On 11.24.08 MyrkoNo Gravatar said:

    Hey Stephen! That’s a good example. Here you can say reality is the ultimate arbiter of truth. Is health getting better? Are you feeling great? Then it works, thats the desired result. Everything else is of secondary interest.

    The finger pointing to the moon is the ultimate expression to differentiate between experience and concept. Spirituality is not about concepts, it’s totally irrelevant, no not even that, it is getting in the way.

    I read some reviews on “The Power of Now” on Amazon the other day. And half of them are saying “I don’t get it, that’s been said better in other books.” What happened is they as the reader tried to understand spirituality mentally. This is just impossible, because it is about inner experience. It is not about understanding. It’s not about the finger. :)

    Thanks for a great comment Stephen.

  • On 11.24.08 Miss MatchMakerNo Gravatar said:

    “The important step to Spiritual Awakening is dropping the map and experiencing what is without the map.” This is absolutely so very true! I often have to remind people to stop thinking and just do.


    Miss MatchMaker´s last blog post: Getting what you want…

  • On 11.24.08 GemmaNo Gravatar said:

    Fabulous post and so true … I often come across this when people ask me about my religious / spiritual beliefs and I’m trying to explain why I won’t tell them … it really isn’t a big secret but I really feel that as relevant as my ‘map’ is for me it doesn’t make it relevant for others. I drew my map from my own explorations, thats what makes it useful … however it is still just a map!

  • On 11.24.08 MyrkoNo Gravatar said:

    I consider myself rather a sientific than a religious person. If you know the movie Contact with Jodie Foster (Scientist) and Matthew McConaughey (Priest)? I’ll go with the scientist. Knowledge or belief – both are maps, if you start to go beyond them and actually experience, you don’t need neither of them for it.

  • On 11.27.08 LoganNo Gravatar said:

    Very nice post! The ego wants to discuss and talk about the finger. If I listen to the ego it never comes to an end. I guess the point is to not listen.

  • On 12.04.08 EvitaNo Gravatar said:

    Hi Myrko!

    Great post! I too read Eckhart and his ideas are so valuable, but so are many others master’s too. It is as you say, it ALL really comes down to experience. People want proof for it all and when they don’t feel what you feel they conclude that you must be wrong. But there is such an element of personal experience.

    Now I take it all from within, whether spirituality or health, I connect with my inner spirit to figure out what resonates with my inner being (not ego) It has been an amazing tool so far, I never doubted that it would fail me ;)

    That is why I like too when many writers write, “life is not about learning, but about remembering who we really are”.

    Evita´s last blog post: The Art and Science of Meditation

  • On 12.06.08 Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.No Gravatar said:

    This is an awesome reminder of experiencing what is without the map. It’s a scary prospect until we pull back to the realization that we are spiritual beings have a human experience.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.´s last blog post: Don’t Let the Economic Blues Stunt Your Growth

  • On 12.06.08 TimNo Gravatar said:

    I just ran accross your blog and am impressed. Keep up the good work.

  • On 12.10.08 NedNo Gravatar said:

    I think a particularly good spiritual teacher can find the quickest route from the pointer to the moon for any given student. That is a skill in itself. That may be a hidden benefit of blogging and social media: sudden enlightenment.

    Great post.

    Ned´s last blog post: How to Get out of the Recession

  • On 06.03.09 Sharyce ArciagaNo Gravatar said:

    The map is definitely not the territory. For some it can be really hard to separate the ego from spirit. First, one must recognize that the ego creates illusions that hurt and that spirit is love and truth.

  • On 06.12.09 Sensual photographyNo Gravatar said:

    I am just starting to learn that thinking is used as a device to go beyond thinking, just as a thorn can be used to take another thorn from your finger. but what are some of the thoughts he uses to go beyond thought? The finger pointing to the moon, meaning the finger is considered indication of thoughts and the moon is the real thing, but what are the thoughts that the finger represents and dont the thoughts have to be positive?

  • On 06.16.09 MyrkoNo Gravatar said:

    Maybe what you are looking for is the recognition that there is more than thinking. “This thought” is then the finger pointing to the experience of no-thought, but awareness.

  • On 07.21.10 Web design GroupNo Gravatar said:

    “I’ve heard it said that dogs can’t look up. Is this true?”Have you been talking to Sonja about this from the past?

  • On 07.23.10 used tiresNo Gravatar said:

    Wow really powerful post! At first I was really confused by the message and the meaning of the post, but then I slowly began to understand! :)

    Till then,


  • On 08.27.10 RuneNo Gravatar said:

    Don’t think, feel!
    It is like a finger pointing away to the moon.
    Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.
    - Bruce Lee quote


  • On 09.06.10 Gurgaon PropertyNo Gravatar said:

    my opinion sending a man to the moon, and getting him back safely, … We landed with just seconds of fuel to spare, but well past our target point.

  • On 09.09.10 car batteryNo Gravatar said:

    I read somewhere that in order to hit your target, shoot first and then wherever it lands, call that your target. I think that’s in sync with what you’re saying also.

  • On 09.15.10 watchanimeNo Gravatar said:

    I consider myself rather a sientific than a religious person. If you know the movie Contact with Jodie Foster (Scientist) and Matthew McConaughey (Priest)? I’ll go with the scientist. Knowledge or belief – both are maps, if you start to go beyond them and actually experience, you don’t need neither of them for it.

  • On 09.18.10 car batteryNo Gravatar said:

    I think we should believe in science but at the same time have faith in an ultimate power that has created everything. If you think about it, science will never have the response for the question of the overall creator of the universe because the question will always beg the question of who created that creator, and so on.

  • On 09.21.10 PropertyNo Gravatar said:

    Very true everyone does not become Budha because he has attain a level of reprising life against the lived life…

  • On 09.29.10 Charles VandornnNo Gravatar said:

    Hi all. A very interesting blog. I agree with the distinction between the Ego and one’s spirit. However,IMO, a lot more needs to be addressed if one is to “grasp” what life on Earth is really all about re. each individual. I am now in my 70s. I grew up thru’ the time of the Zen explosion in America (initially) and across the Western world. As I say in the introduction to my little site, I investigated many paths, seeking “enlightenment”. One of my favorite writers was Thaddues Golas. (I still have a printout of the Lazy Man).
    Because of the path I chose to follow, I contended that Thaddues had, ( as many would-be seekers of the time had) ignored the realities of everyday living. I was not surprized that later in his life he tried to address those fundamental realities (of human suffering, evil, etc) and, as Wiki wrote:
    “. . . Later in his life, Thaddeus Golas resolved that all the theorizing which led to writing “the Guide” needed to be followed by practical observations about our more “local” reality, as a means of dealing with the many “bugs” which continued to crop up in his paradigm – post-enlightenment, so to speak… He worked on a study of love as a mere exercise in agreement with reality and the ensuing pain of maintaining structural integrity in the face of too much pleasurable vibrational agreement. A new model of practical ideas for human living emerged…voluntarily less poetic, harder to digest, but which he deemed “hard information one could rely on.”
    …Publishing these ideas proved impossible and outright contempt from his publishers over his later manuscripts led to the end of his contract at Bantam. . .”
    To my mind, his eventual findings were not as popular to seekers of truth as the over – simplified version he originally wrote. They just would not sell as well. So Bantam dropped him.
    As far as I am concerned there is definitely great truth in the death of the Ego and living in the Spirit but if this is used simply to “drop out” from dealing with everyday living in this World-Belief-System which is filled with so much human suffering, then it’s a “Cop-out” and fails to fulfil its true purpose.
    Enough for now – the moment is over. Have a great day, all. Be good – Be happy.

  • On 09.29.10 Charles VandornnNo Gravatar said:

    My site is: http://www.blueprintforliving.com. The icon to the right of my comments will take you there. Enjoy.

  • On 10.13.10 Sell TextbooksNo Gravatar said:

    No one can connect you to your spiritual self, but you. You say it so well, though. Thank you

  • On 10.13.10 Sell TextbooksNo Gravatar said:

    Thank you for your eye opening posts.

  • On 10.23.10 Mobile60No Gravatar said:

    does this mean he doesnt want to compliment me? i dont exactly know what he meant by everything he said.

  • On 10.23.10 Mobile60No Gravatar said:

    won’t comment on physical appearance or say that a girl is pretty, because it isn’t the physical appearance that matters.

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    I think it’s the symbol of prosperity. Am i right or wrong?

  • On 01.03.11 AddurbusinessNo Gravatar said:

    In my point of view it’s just like “born with silver spoon”

  • On 01.04.11 Komodo DragonNo Gravatar said:

    I like what someone said above about calling wherever the arrow lands as the target. That may sound like indecision at first but in many situations such as experimental ventures, the target is never specific.

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    Very interesting. I have often wondered what finger pointing to the moon was about.

    - Robert

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    Excellent Post. I always wonder, what finger pointing to the moon may be. Now, my mind is clear.

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